First blog post

This is my first experience with blogging and I am very very excited to write and share my thoughts and ideas with whomever will take the time and join me.  I am in the middle of deciding what kind of blog I want to create, I am currently looking for a theme or subject to cover regularly.  So bear with me in this crazy process as I have many ideas and just need to narrow things down…

I love to write poetry and I am in the middle of writing a couple of stories as well.  I will definitely share my poems freely here.  So that is a start.  My goal is to eventually become a published writer.  Lofty some may say, but may be not, as writing is very natural to me.  I have been writing poetry since I can remember.  My 1st poem at the tender age of 7 was for my mother.  Whom was a single parent at the time.  Writing this poem had a profound affect on me and has helped me realize that writing is a wonderful coping mechanism and outlet for so many things. My mother has continuously supported such creative outlets as I grew up.  I am extremely thankful that I have this skill and I am glad to have the freedom and choice to share or to keep to it to myself.  Now is a time for me to share.  I am open to constructive criticism, and will not respond to negative or rude comments. I am  a sensitive soul and wish to be treated as such.

Here it is that 1st poem I wrote in 1980.

The sky is blue;

The sky is grey;

The sky is like that every day;

We might fight one night;

But we will still love.




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