Epitome – Praise to the Thesaurus

I look at this word and no inspiration comes.  I have three what I would consider valid reasons not to like this word.  I have read other blogs for this same prompt and some are really nice and well written.  As for myself, nuthin….. First of all I have realized while thinking of the particular word, that I don’t like it, it bugs me.  Second of all I have realized that I have definitely overused this particular word in my earlier years(that’s probably why I don’t like it).  Third of all the darn spelling.  I still struggle with our english language and the reasoning behind some of the spelling.  It is ridiculous.  So as of now I may be feeling the epitome of irritation over this word.  I guess I have been prompted and inspired to express my distaste.  Although it would and will come in handy in story writing, like for example, ‘She is the epitome of a girly girl.’  or, ‘He is the epitome of trailer trash.’ etc., etc.  Okay now I can see the possible uses for this word.  Still do not like it though, thank god for thesauruses.


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