New Partner

I love to read my daily angel cards in the morning, it gets me motivated, inspired and even contemplative about who I am and where I am going.   I have been getting  the new partner card as my third card regularly now which is no coincidence when doing a reading.  When I ‘read’ my cards I do a three card spread which starts on the left and goes to the right, basically representing past, present and future. So when I draw this card it always shows up in the third position which for me represents my future, I am in a deeply committed relationship so some may consider this an omen.  Some may say that this  is all a bunch of bunk, just so you know, if you feel this way I would prefer if you find someone else’s blog to read.  Some may say, which is the group of people I obviously fall into, that the new partner card is exciting!  I have had many many ups and downs in this relationship of mine and at first I thought it had to do with him.   I realized that my life has been one of much transition as of late.  I have sort of woken up these last few years of my life in spite of the many people and situations have come and gone.  It truly feels amazingly grown up to think this way.  That new partner card could mean I am finally ready to get that sweet little kitten I have wanted, or not I have already got a great pooch.  I could mean that I will finally stumble across a new employer that will turn out to be my next career.  It could mean that I will be my new partner, freelance writing all over the place.  It could mean that I could be working with someone directly involved with my younger sisters long term care, improving it and finding a better quality of living for her.

One thing I do know for sure is that I should probably pay attention to this magical message and go with it.  Instead of being fearful and nervous of what this means just let it all go and accept that I am finally on that path I have wanted to be traveling.  That path involves self acceptance and self worth, which is ultimately what I have been working on for so many years now.



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