Land of the Red Veil

See the red, if only in a dream;
As the words of egos stroll by;
Temping and mesmerizing, as they chirp endlessly in our ears;
Slowly leading us away from your own souls;
Generations of in doctoring;
These trained egos of ours;
Preach religion, mythologies and tradition;
A seemingly friendly reminder that we are all lost;
To bridge from the Veil to our real life;
The life we came to live;
Freedom from this veil can be hard won;
As if by chance we will find it;
Our key;
We may misplace, lose, or even throw it away at an egos request;
Temporarily intoxicated by a feeling;
A moment or two of lapsed personal control;
This is not weakness, if we do not know;
It becomes an ugly self defacing habit if we do;
We have a choice, we are essentially perfect;
No ego ever can change that.


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