Not to be mistaken for narrow minded.


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  1. Hello! I would love to follow you on Twitter! What’s your handle ? Mine is @ShareenM. I hope you’ll join us. I’m enjoying your writing tremendously . Here is an invite I hope you join us. This is a closed group . We are a unique group. A community of supportive people who are connecting beyond page views. I hope to see you there. I’ve tweeted Apology with the #LinkYourLife hashtag. If you don’t use Twitter & prefer to join us on Facebook we share daily & support each other throughout the week. On Friday’s I host the Twitter event and check in daily on FB. I hope to see you there! Also, on Wednesday’s you can join us for #ShareInspireConquer . Thomas Ives of spreads positivity . I’ll be spending time reading more of your published pieces. Thanks for giving me a good reason to have insomnia .

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