I have learned not to expect one.  Really.  Find a way to be sorry for the jerk or misinformed person that hurt you.   I have been to therapy because I needed it, badly, I needed someone to help re-learn that I am a good person and that I am okay just the way I am.  I was really broken when I went to therapy, life had just finished kicking the living shit out of me, and thankfully it is many years behind me now.  There were kind people and loved ones that helped me through what was one of the worst times of my existence.  I learned that people are not sorry the way I needed them to be for the pain they had caused me and the shit they may have put me through, and for that I am forgiving.  However, I have definitely accepted, finally, that some people can not say sorry.  I think it is cowardly because even if you aren’t, you really hurt some one, isn’t  one of life’s basic rules taught in our childhood is that you should be sorry.  Therapy, all those years ago, definitely taught me one thing and that is not all people will play by the same rules that I do.  Saying sorry comes easy to me, first of all I am a woman, second I am Canadian and third I do not like when I hurt anyone(unless there is no better choice).  I have yet to figure out why some people have forgotten or just don’t think it matters that you apologize if you hurt someone intentionally or otherwise.  I also have been known to say sorry for absolutely nothing at all, a proud Canadian trait that I have been working on for a couple a years now. Those are my thoughts on apologizing along with this poem.


A delicate lace of ribbon

That binds us to closure

Threads whose loose ends can be tied

  With the strength in an apology

It will bind our world in love

Or find our hearts regret

In an eyes blink

Without an apology

Forgiveness is our greatest power.


3 thoughts on “Apology

  1. You’re absolutely right with respect to saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt, intentionally or not. It comes down to a matter of good parenting. As for being Canadian, yes, we are a country of apologizers whether we did it or not. That’s just the way we are. My parents raised me right. Respect my elders and be mindful of others in my life that I don’t hurt them if possible. I really liked the whole post and I loved the poem as well. Well done.

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    1. Thank-you for your input, this is new to me and very much appreciate your comment. I am loving this community of bloggers, poets, and creatives alike. It’s becoming my happy place because it’s where ideas & thoughts come alive!

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  2. You’re right about a great community. I’m new to blogging too and it’s helped me to get excited about writing, all over again. I’m thinking more about what I want to write and finding it hard to keeping those thoughts in my head so I’ve taken to recording them. I bought an electronic recorder a couple of years ago with the intention of recording ideas. I didn’t use it as I wanted because I was shy of hearing my voice come back to me. But since I started blogging I pulled that little gadget out and I have it near by through out my day. I love using it now and I’m kicking myself for not using it sooner. Happy writing.


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