Jayman BUILT MS Walk – St. Paul: Ms. Jennifer Muirhead – MS Walk

Jayman BUILT MS Walk – St. Paul: Ms. Jennifer Muirhead – MS Walk
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Where are we going from here;

Redundant at best.

The beginning, to retrace our mistakes;

Avoiding obsession and sin.

As one heart rises;

Another soul breathes in death.

An escape, a way out;

May be a way in.

If this is really over;

That is what it’ll be.

Let us push forward;

Feel movement begin.

As the malice you spread disappears;

Without reluctance I release you forever.


A Second Guess


Jaded by the magical ball

No throttle forward can be taken

Until the bated decision is made

Powerless, breath is held on high

Suspense fueled by eggshells

By the minds that can’t make

Tenterhooks and glass brooks

Flowing through a standstill

Energies on overdrive

As fury subsides

The calm sets in

As unreasonable whispers

Stop colliding

When the Phoenix appears

Burning assumptions to the ground.


Tea for two;

tea for me.

Tea for you;

Liquid gold running through.

A stomach will settle.

Time will stand still.

Tea for me;

tea for you.



































































































































































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Half Way There!

I am excited because we are half way through our year and if I look back, boy has there been some major advances in my personal life!!! Thank heavens!

I decided after much reflection to leave my partner of ten years.  I would risk even going so far as to say he has issues because he is narsasistic.  I didn’t really even know the true meaning of the word until I met him.  I took our daughter and left a dog, a house, new truck and new camper as well.  I know I made the right decision because I haven’t cried for as all long as we have been apart and other things in my life are coming together quite nicely now.

Our young daughter is living with me and has adjusted to the changes and I think she totally accepts that her father and I will never live under the same roof again.  My home is our home and our old place is also her home some of the time.

I got hired at Drug Store with wonderful caring staff with whom I have become instant pals with.  I got my learners lisence so I can learn to drive and eventually get my own vehicle.  I am much happier and feel no more anxiety(go figure!).

So yay for me!  Yay for my daughter!  We can be self reliant and confident girls, proud of our wisedom and ability for deep compassion.  These are things that we had to hide or even ignore when living with my ex-partner.  

I can say, yes, 2016 is officially done, history, we can move onwards and upwards with no burdens that are not ours.  We can be empowered, inspired and treated with dignity we deserve.

So bring on the next adventure, we are ready with open arms!

Misguided Love

Tethered are those who can not see

The narcissist within a honeymoon

Drawn to a snake charmer

Hypnotic, entrancement once captured

Spinning tails of love, only but false hope

Reciprocation an unknown

In the narcissists world, there is only self love

Self appreciation, vanity and gloating

Manipulation and judgement the only language

Until one victim gets away with broken wings

Slipping through the false promises of a future

Charm radiates in hopes for a quick replacement

Only to keep the self centered alive



Weathered Words

Given time

Kick a can, a bucket

Crawling, rising in pensive stance


Waiting for the fight

As guts knot

Stagger and spew

When words collide

Eerily creeping out

Just to go within

Forgetting who we were

Scratching begging to survive

Hiding behind fearful words

Of hate and betrayal

Only to find reflection

In a Mirror of guilt.