Weathered Words

Given time

Kick a can, a bucket

Crawling, rising in pensive stance


Waiting for the fight

As guts knot

Stagger and spew

When words collide

Eerily creeping out

Just to go within

Forgetting who we were

Scratching begging to survive

Hiding behind fearful words

Of hate and betrayal

Only to find reflection

In a Mirror of guilt.


As the night growls from behind;

A body stands on edge;

Precipice taunting a promise of death;

Never sure if the wolves deserve a feeding;

Giving up or giving in;

For those without feeling;

Will never understand;

Pretending there is no empathy a difficult option;

As emotion steals the moments;

Wolves become frenzied with anticipation;

Waiting for their feast;

A body cocoons in a hope for momentary peace;

Delicate wings poke through;

In a warriors stance;

A body will take flight;

While stepping over the threshold of choice.

Natures Advantage

Natures Advantage

With a nature as big as the wind;

She flew tails whipping behind her;

Bursting through, she screamed;

Built up fear pushing her all the way;

It was a chance not easily given up;

Unknown forces inciting a whisper

Promising a destiny of advantage;

It being the only way to the top.





Daily Prompt: Year

As a reflection

I leave you forever

Let go, let go, let go

Fairy tale dreams

Of romance just another afterthought

Weak bonds turned inside out

For all to see, the real me

The real you, no hiding in shadows

No lies untold as truth prevails

Endings of bittersweet pallor

To many good ones had to let go

For new beginnings and new endings

I say farewell and bring it on

No more going with the flow

This year I will create it.



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Daily Prompt: Vegetal

Growing breathing please

sun down on me;

Chlorophyll coursing through

green to light our way.

Save our Gaia family

find some respect.

As the bees’ drink her

the nectar of our gods.

Give thanks, turned into action

great mother, do not be sad.

We will find our water

to nurture vegetal roots.

This was a difficult word for me to use.  I don’t like it because it not familiar to me, I hope I did it justice.  I also tried to be positive, another thing while writing, I can find difficult and annoying at times.  Plus, seriously amusing to me, the fact that I can not correct the spelling with word presss’ spell check drives me nuts. But with all of that said,  I hope I conveyed to you a pleasant warning.


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