I saw you again, your picture, you were just a boy.

Soft and ready to show the world, the war, and your brothers what you were made of.    Strength in family, the bond between the men evident. A part of something so much bigger than you, than me.  I know you John because I know me.  We are kindred, I did not cry when I saw your innocence in that picture.  I understand now why you fought, why all the brothers fought.  It goes beyond respect for me now, I feel honored to have known any part of the soft man you were.  I will never forget…


Daily Prompt: Tart

via Daily Prompt: Tart

A sour explosion as my teeth grind the mandarin wedge between them

Brief moment of disappointment in hopes for something sweet…

With momentary shock, I realize that orange peel had deceived me

My mouth is only searching for its next piece, baited and waiting

I pop in another, the chemicals coursing through my body

Much to my pleasured amazement, I push aside my caffeine

As the tart rhythm moves my body into the rising of the sun.JM2016



Daily Prompt: Vegetal

Growing breathing please

sun down on me;

Chlorophyll coursing through

green to light our way.

Save our Gaia family

find some respect.

As the bees’ drink her

the nectar of our gods.

Give thanks, turned into action

great mother, do not be sad.

We will find our water

to nurture vegetal roots.

This was a difficult word for me to use.  I don’t like it because it not familiar to me, I hope I did it justice.  I also tried to be positive, another thing while writing, I can find difficult and annoying at times.  Plus, seriously amusing to me, the fact that I can not correct the spelling with word presss’ spell check drives me nuts. But with all of that said,  I hope I conveyed to you a pleasant warning.


via Daily Prompt: Vegetal